10 Fun Things to Do in Tamarindo Costa Rica


ide a horse on the beach-It’s a pretty cool way to go the length of the whole beach on a friendly horse. It’s a great way to see everything and then make a choice to where to eat lunch beachside!

Surfing lessons-We have the bonafide experts here. You can feel prepped ready and safe with surfing lessons and all the cool water toys like jetboards too!

Mangrove Estuary boat tour- Want to see our Crocodiles? Take a slow boat tour into the mangroves where all the creatures nest.  Its phenomenal with tiny little tree frogs, and rare birds to large sleepy Crocodiles. Hands and feet inside the boat at all times!

Watch a fire show-Spinning fire tricks, acrobat work and Lots of practice!  Don’t miss this beachside free show after sunset and don’t forget to tip!

Catch a sunset- Grab a coco loco (rum and coconut water directly from the coconut) from a beach vender, and watch nature at its best, our sunsets are famous!

ATV in the jungle-Explore the back jungle and get a little dirty splashing through rivers while you whiz past all the flora and fauna around you. You may find really out of the way little sodas (small Costa Rican restaurants) to stop at along the way. 

Snorkel with the fish-Whether you are out on a boat adventure and jump in, or you swim out from the beach, enjoy a good snorkel say hello to some fish, and check out our sweet shells.

Kayak to El Capitan island-Just off Tamarindo is a small protected Island you can see nearby from the beach.  Grab a kayak and paddle out. Then walk around the small island and explore, see what you can find in the tide pools! You can swim and snorkel here too.

Sailing adventures- Looking for peaceful sailing sunset cruise, or a party boat fun night our on the water, we have what you are looking for. Sail out to fish or view the surrounding landscapes, jump off swim and play, and watch the sunset on the way home. 

Thursday Night market and Saturday Farmers markets- These two famous markets in Tamarindo have live music, hand made jewelry, bags, baskets, leather,  soaps, crystals and more. The Saturday Feria has lots of fruits and veggies and fish and wine and the Thursday night Feria has lots of hot foods for dinner, and ice creams too!