It takes a village;
your beloved village is here.

Sitting on the Costa Rican beach under a set of a restaurants twinkle lights while starting out at the beach and grand hillsides I was overcome with a certain knowing and I said to my 4 year old son “They name their houses here- how cool is that- if we lived here what would our house name be?“ He had been in a bi- lingual pre school but didn’t know much Spanish and neither did I- but he looked up and said “Casa Amada.” I had to look it up, but seems like he just knew too.

We moved 2 years later from Oakland California on Oct 15, 2020 in our home Casa Amada. Since then, with the Pura Vida life style I’ve created all the things that make me feel connected cozy and loved here at “Villa Amada” ( Beloved Village) to share with you all.

Villa Amada is a place to Connect, Restore, and Explore!


with folks from around the world in Tamarindo you’ll meet people from all around the world and hear many different languages in town and on the beach. If you are here for an in person retreat, your hosts will be able to help build those connections too while you are with wine and bread hour with Villa Amada’s bakery treats, and rides to the beach for our epic sunsets! If Chocolate is more your thing, check out our fire pit and Smores Packs to sit around and roast a few marshmallows and enjoy the jungle surroundings.


here at our in person retreats with our daily yoga offerings, Yoga classes and turquoise pool. Enjoy our daily nourishing breakfasts, and cozy spots along with great views, for all your hammocking needs. We also provide top of line Concierge for spa services, cacao ceremonies, sound baths, and all things wellness. Our mission is to bring balance and joy back into your life and reconnect you with the power of nature. Come experience our thriving yoga community, enjoy weekend events and workshops with inspiring teachers, get away from your day-to-day routine, expand your horizons and find joy.


all that Costa Rica has to offer form Tamarindo and beyond. Our Concierge service comes highly rated and covers bookings from head to toe. From the quiet local mangrove boat tour with crocs, frogs and birds, a sunset cruise, or a dinner out with fire dancers on the beach, we can help call, reserve, and book what you are looking for. Surfing, jungle tours, ziplining, hanging bridges, and waterfall hikes are our specialties too. Need a car, golf cart, or surfboard? Just ask, we will show you our beautiful country and all it has to offer.

Welcome to our favorite place in the world


I am a mamma of 2 young kiddos, a licensed Psychotherapist, a certified Nutritional Advisor, and a licensed Yoga instructor, Swastha Yogi RYT200. At the retreats you’ll find me having breakfast in the rancho with guests each morning...listening, sharing, and runs in my family and feeds my soul. Connecting, Restoring, Exploring. I teach the daily yoga classes, bake all the breads and offer various therapeutic services like PEMF treatments and private Coaching. I love to bake, write, garden, sing, sunset, and cuddle with my family.