Food joy is a real thing. We are meant to savor, take pleasure, be transported, feel cozy…all the amazing things food can evoke.

In my family I’m known for creating dishes and my own recipes by the taste of my palate. I test and tweak and create. Most everything I bake or cook has my own twist on whatever original recipe it used to be.

Want to try to best tropical treat ever? (and feel good about it?!)

I’ve been baking this banana bread for many years and created a new version of it here in Costa Rica with the country’s available natural ingredients specifically to further support the ecological biodiversity and the indigenous people.

It contains organic Costa Rican Datil bananas, locally sourced shredded coconut, and all natural semi sweet chocolate chips made with 70% cacao from a local tribe in the region. We are able to help support Costa Rica to promote sustainable cacao production and conservation.

So you can feel good in your tummy and your hearts! My favorite is to bake it in a round bunt pan, it’s dense and moist. I also make mini shaped ones perfect for travel.

Everyone at an in person retreat gets a slice of our Banana Bread alongside their breakfast meal, and it is for sale to the public. A gluten free version is also available.

I love sourdough bread, but really well made sourdough (like in San Francisco!) is really hard to find here. I set out to fix that and am now making loaves, little dinner rolls and sourdough cinnamon rolls. Delicious!

How To Order:
Whatsapp: 506-8763-2275