Surfing in Tamarindo, Costa Rica: The Ultimate Guide


urfing enthusiasts from around the world flock to Tamarindo, Costa Rica, to experience some of the best waves in Central America. With its warm waters, consistent breaks, and stunning natural beauty, it's no wonder that Tamarindo has become a top destination for surfers of all levels. In this article, we'll dive into everything you need to know about catching some waves in Tamarindo.

Where to Surf

Here at Villa Amada we are less than a 10 min walk from the best beach.

Tamarindo has a bunch of fantastic surf spots, each with its own unique characteristics. Whether you’re an advanced surfer looking for the perfect barrel or a beginner trying to catch your first wave, Tamarindo has something to offer.

One of the most popular surf spots in Tamarindo is the aptly named ‘Tamarindo Beach Break.’ This is where the majority of surf schools operate from, and for valid reasons, it’s the epitome of a beginner-intermediate wave with a sandy bottom and a mix of lefts and rights. On standard days, you can find long and gentle waves ideal for practicing your skills.

If you’re looking for a more challenging experience, check out “El Estero,” located on the south side of Tamarindo. Known for its powerful, hollow waves, this spot demands experience and fitness, as it is more suitable for the intermediate to advanced level surfers.

Another great surf spot to explore is Playa Grande, about fifteen minutes north of Tamarindo. This vast beach has waves for all levels, and its rocky bottom highlighted by consistent swells creates some of the cleanest waves in the area.

When to Surf

Although surfing can be practiced year-round in Tamarindo, the prime season is from November to April, where the surfing conditions are highly consistent, with warm temperatures, high pressure, and offshore winds, making waves peak higher, last longer, but still gentle enough to be enjoyed by the intermediate level surfers.

However, if you prefer to avoid the crowds and national holiday periods of December and Easter, a bonus to surfing from April to August is lower prices, warm temperatures and cleaner waves.

Surf Schools

If you’re new to surfing or are looking to improve your skills, there are numerous surf schools in Tamarindo with experienced instructors who know the ins and outs of the local surf scene. The instructors work in small groups guaranteeing personalized instruction, quality equipment, and some great surf spots not visible to the crowd. You can find beginner lessons priced anywhere between $50-$75, inclusive of equipment rental and instructor services.

Board Rentals

Villa Amada has some great concierge services to find you the best boards and best prices. We even have some boards to rent out ourselves. If you’re an experienced surfer eager to catch a wave, Tamarindo has a bunch of surf shops in town too offering board rentals for as little as $10 a day. Ensure to keep an eye on the tide times, though, as the sand banks and swell conditions tend to change frequently, thus requiring board adjustments.

In conclusion, nothing quite compares to the feeling of catching a perfect wave in Tamarindo’s crystal-clear waters. With its variety of surf spots and year-round warm temperatures, this slice of paradise has everything a surfer could want. So, pack your bags, bring your board, and get ready to hit the waves!