The best way to enjoy sunsets in Tamarindo beach.


unsetting. It’s verb here. Tamarindo beachside locals or our fabulous vacationers all flock to the shoreline daily to catch natures best show. The sun sets pretty early here ( around 5pm or 6pm year round) so we gather with our pre- dinner energy and look forward to the nightlife afterwards!

There are 3 pretty typical ways we enjoy this daily ritual and one BIG tip you can’t miss out on.

The simplest way is just head to the beach, sit down in the sand and maybe grab a nearby beach restaurants deal 2 for 1 happy hour cocktail  or a quick empanada from the food trucks while you watch the people and the magic of nature. Some folks come a bit early and play catch or kick ball or wade in the water. Nature at its best! When you stay at Villa Amada we time it all just right! Enjoy our Complimentary “Vino Y Bocas hour” and walk or take our VIP Sunset Shuttle in the golf cart 3 min to the beach. You can also sit down at one of our beachfront restaurants and have dinner while watching the sunset. Stay for the stars and free Fire dancers usually at Nogies or TamaOnda, (please tip the performers they work hard!) and live music, very cool DJ’s or even catch a silks aerobatics in the trees at Namu!

The second way is a sunset cruise. Tamarindo offers peaceful and party (make your pick!) sunset cruise options. Large sail boats and yachts complete with snacks, fruits and drinks or complete dinners if you choose go out to the center of the bay to enjoy a bit of sun before watching the sunset.  Its fun, sun, food and sunsetting all in one!

The third way is up at the Look Out. Walk 10 minutes past the beach down past Banco National as if heading toward Wyndham hotel.  Make your way up to the top before the hotel. Walk up to the left and find yourself on a massive landing where the entire view of Tamarindo is offered. You will see the serene glass like ocean off into the horizon as  it glitters its way into sunsetting.  Stunning doesn’t even begin to describe it!

One BIG tip, wherever you are watching the sunset from: Don’t leave right after the sun goes under the horizon. Stay. The small bits of clouds in the sky are what make the second act the big finale. All of the colors come out, and dart across the sky. The pinks and oranges and even purple sometimes caught inside the clouds are what make the best sunsets.

Hope to see you there!